The West Exmoor Federation prides itself on the highly engaging curriculum that is offered to all of our children.  The curriculum is supported and enriched by a wide variety of activities, including a breakfast club, many after school clubs and a holiday club.  Where ever possible we enhance learning opportunities through educational visits.  We also encourage our children to participate in an extensive range of special events and residential visits. Please click on the links below to find out more about our most recent learning, education visits and events, residential visits and our after school and breakfast clubs. 

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Ancient Greek Enrichment Day

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The new term got off to an exciting start with our Ancient Greek enrichment day.  The children were completely captivated by our visiting historian and learnt so much during the course of the day with him.  Highlights definitely included the handling of artefacts, including the opportunity to try on an Ancient Greek helmet, learning lots of amazing facts such as how the Ancient Greeks made toothpaste from ground up animal bones and chewed gum!

Cross Country

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Well done to our Cross Country Team who took part in the Barnstaple Schools’ Cross Country Competition.  Each and every one of our team did exceptionally well, completing a challenging course in difficult conditions; a special well done must go to Jack and Henry B who came 6th and 9th respectively in the Year 3 boys’ race.  Thank you to those parents and Governors who came along to support our children; it was very much appreciated.

Wood Bay Remembrance Service

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At 11am on 11th November, our Key Stage 2 children marked Remembrance Day with a service at Woody Bay Train Station.  The engine, Axe, provided the poignant backdrop for our service whilst our children read poems that that they had written about war and loss. As the Reveille broke our silence, our children placed poppy crosses into the garden of remembrance, many thinking about family members who served in the World Wars and subsequent wars around the world.  As our service concluded, our children enjoyed a ride on the railway whilst contemplating the part that Axe played on the frontline and how the tranquillity of the Exmoor landscape today contrasts so greatly to the scenes of WWI that they can only imagine.  Thank you to everyone who joined us at this service, to Rev’d Samantha for leading service and to all at Woody Bay for enabling us to mark Remembrance in such a special way.

Joshua Sigal - Visiting Poet

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Last week we were thrilled to welcome the internationally acclaimed poet, Joshua Seigal, to the federation.  Over the course of the day he visited all of our schools, performing some of his poetry from Yuck and Yum, I Bet I Can Make You Laugh; I Don’t Like Poetry and Little Lemur Laughing.  He also shared with us some of his more recent poetry which is yet to be published and ran a short poetry workshop, enabling all of our children to write their very own Joshua Seigal inspired poem.  It was a fantastic experience and it was wonderful to see the children so enthralled and engaged by poetry; Joshua was so full of passion and enthusiasm for poetry that it couldn’t help but rub off them.  Who knows, perhaps he will have inspired a budding poet of the future!

Eden Project Residential

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It was a great privilege to take our Year 5 and 6 pupils on a residential trip last week to the Eden Project.  The children had a fabulous week exploring the incredible Eden environment.  They took part in a number of workshops led by the Eden Team which enabled them to learn about adaptation, sustainability and the need to protect our planet.   One of the highlights was entering the Rainforest Biome after dark and when it was closed to the public – a truly magical experience which I am sure the children will remember for many years to come.  They also enjoyed an adrenaline rushed afternoon at the Hangloose Adventure Centre where they had the opportunity to abseil and climb as well as leap off various platforms, either onto a giant inflatable pillow or whilst being lowered by a descender – I was so proud of how courageous all of our children were, pushing themselves to try new things and overcome their fears. As always, our children were exceptionally well behaved with many members of the public commenting positively about their behaviour.  In particular, a lady staying at the YHA said that she was overwhelmed by how polite our children were, despite her initial shock when they all entered the common room on the first evening of her stay!  I thoroughly enjoy taking our children away on residential experiences; you can see their confidence and resilience grow before your very eyes and I am very proud of how we continue to offer our children these experiences throughout Key Stage 2. 


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Oh my goodness me, what an amazing start to the term we had when Wonderstruck visited us at the beginning of this week – it was certainly a day full of awe and wonder.  To kick start our overarching theme for the term, ‘Inventions’ our children enjoyed the most incredible science day.  The day began with an explosive science show before our children took part in a compressed air-rocket workshop and a fan-powered car workshop, each ending with a fiercely fought competition!  The range and complexity of science covered during the course of the day was fantastic and I have no doubt that it has further fuelled our children’s passion for science.



Big Bird Watch

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Earlier this week, Young Buds took part in the Big School Bird Watch as a follow up to their visit to Rosemoor. The children designed and made their own binoculars, considering camouflage and the habitat that they would be watching the birds within.  The children then honed their observation and data collection skills whilst recording the type and number of birds that they could see at any one time.  Once they had collated their data they submitted their results online.   During the bird watch they saw 1 blackbird, 2 blue tits, 4 buzzards, 2 house sparrows, 9 jackdaws and 10 robins.  If you would like to find out more, please visit the RSPB website.

A Home for Robin - Outdoor Learning at RHS Rosemoor

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Little Berries, Young Buds and Streams enjoyed a wonderful day at RHS Rosemoor earlier this week.  In preparation for the RSPB Big Schools Birdwatch, the children took part in a workshop entitled 'A Home for Robin'.  The children learned about what a bird needs to survive and what makes a good habitat.  They then explored the garden using identification and classification to gather and record data to assess whether or not Rosemoor is a good habitat for a robin to live in.  Finally, based upon their observations of a real nest, they found a safe place to build a nest which was then tested out by the resident Rosemoor robin.  Whilst at Rosemoor the children also had the opportunity to walk through the gardens looking at some of the incredible sculptures that are currently on display.  They also enjoyed playing in The Brash, a beautiful natural play area.  

It was an absolute pleasure to accompany the children on their visit to Rosemoor.  As always, their behaviour was impeccable and it was lovely to receive so many positive comments about their engagement in learning and the way in which they all generally conducted themselves throughout the day.  Well done children - I am very proud of you.



Rosemoor Adventures

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Last week the children from Young Buds and Streams enjoyed a wonderful day out at RHS Rosemoor.  In the morning the children took part in a workshop to learn how seeds grow into plants and the vital role that bees play in pollinating flowers.  The children also explored what seeds and plants need to grow and learnt how to name the various parts of a plant, including the component parts of a flower. They also planted their own salad seeds to take back to school. During the afternoon the children explored the garden and had a little free time in the Copse play area.  It was an absolute pleasure to take the children out; their behaviour was impeccable throughout the day and they were a real credit to their families and the federation.  Well done Young Buds and Streams and thank you for sharing your day with me.