Celebrating Learning

What a week Parracombe!

jayne.peacock on: Celebrating Learning

Oaks class have been scientists, exploring light, reflection and shadow - we built dark forts, investigated, discovered and asked some fantastic questions. We used the VR headsets to revisit our learning on Ancient Greece and electricity- looking down on the Parthenon was amazing!

Forests class have also had a busy week - mastering fractions, percentages and decimals and having a go at some very challenging problems! English has been a bit of a mysterious one; focusing on the animation 'Alma' who is a girl who gets trapped inside a doll's body. Writing will continue next week and the children will be exploring alternative endings. They have also been learning about electricity, investigating series and parallel circuits.

Well done to ALL the children who took part in both netball tournaments! You worked exceptionally hard and made us all here at the federation very proud ♥️

Showing our CARIS values at Parracombe

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So much love for our children at Parracombe this week! We've had children and staff in and out over the last few weeks, but we have all achieved so much! There is a great sense of teamwork and looking out for each other. Miss Constant and I are so proud of all of our children (I would like to add a particular note of thanks to Miss Constant and Mrs Peacock for their support while I was poorly!).
Forests Class have shown great pride in their volcano homework project, some amazing detail in their models! We are looking forward to displaying them in pride of place

A smashing week for Parracombe

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Oaks class have completed their descriptive narrative which are fabulous to read! They have also been working hard on their DT project which parents should see early next week.

Forests class have completed their non- fiction newspaper report on the Hadley Rille (Apollo 15) as well as completing their own independent fictional piece! We somehow managed to find 5 minutes to add a Christmas vibe to the classroom as well!

Well done to Leah and Charlie for their celebration certificate and congratulations to Rosie and Stanley for reading 50 nights so far!



A great week at Parracombe

jayne.peacock on: Celebrating Learning

What a busy week Parracombe have had!

Oaks class joined force with the Year 3

 children from Kentisbury for a trip to explore hydroelectric power at Glen Lyn Gorge. The children all behaved brilliantly and showed great curiosity in the questions they asked. We are looking forward to telling you all about it in our next piece of writing.

Forest class have been mastering division and working hard on their arithmetic scores! We have started our new unit in English, focusing on newspaper reports. Our art unit is coming to an end but the children have thoroughly enjoyed it! We have focused on artist exploration, pattern critiquing, colour matching/understanding and now....MY ETERNAL SOUL! Yes - it is as dramatic as it sounds! Our final piece (that we started today) will express each and every child's passion and identity; the same way Yoshi completed hers! These will be finished next week so keep an eye out!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Constant and Ms Strachan


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What an incredibly busy week we have had! It has been lovely to welcome the children back after the Half Term break, they have hit the ground running.

Forests Class have had a fabulous first week back. The children have worked very hard and a lot has been achieved. They have finished their suspense narrative, focusing on foreshadowing and impact! We also spent sometime looking at Yoshi Kusama, a Japanese a fact artist. The children created artist exploration pieces that highlight Yoshi’s techniques.

Oaks Class were joined by the Year 3 children to take part in some exciting scientific investigations - do you know what the inside of an extension cable looks like? We do now! It has been fantastic to see the children learning together and asking some amazing questions :) We're off to discover how hydroelectric energy is created tomorrow...

The Remembrance Service at Woody Bay train station was a wonderfully poignant way to take some time and show our respect, how lucky we are to have this to be a part of.

We are looking forward to the coming weeks, lots of exciting learning on it's way!

Ms Strachan and Miss Constant

Well Done Parracombe - Kicking the year off in style!

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What a busy week we have had!

Oaks Class kicked the week off with a boat trip to explore our coastline, looking for smugglers caves ready to start our new topic. We then got hands on with Maths, making place value sculptures to help us to understand how our number system works. We have written poetry, investigated colour mixing and got hooked into our class book 'The Skull Rock Mystery'.

Forests Class have done some amazing work in PSHRE, focusing on 'What makes us proud'. We looked at different aspects of ourselves and how unique we are. Celebrating ourselves can be something positive!

Our guided reading book has been a great success so far. We explored character profiles and how authors can use subtle techniques to emphasise emotion.

We are starting to tackle our sketching techniques, such as x-hatching, in preparation for our Victorian unit.

Well done to May MacKenzie and Chloe Hutchings for being awarded the Star of the Week certificates, and also those children who have been appointed as Play Leaders.

We also have a new Eco-Schools committee - they will be working hard to help us improve our school looks after the environment. They will be running an audit next week to see what we can do to improve our environmental footprint and hopefully get us on course for our first award!

Well done everyone, have a relaxing weekend there will be lots more exciting things to come next week!

Ms Strachan and Miss Constant

First week...completed!

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First week....completed!

Well done to all of the children for their fantastic efforts this week. We understand that the first week can often feel very strange and unnerving but the children have shown resilience and they've have had a fantastic time!

At Parracombe, Forests class (year 5/6) have been working hard on their graphic illusion patterns, incorporating angles, measurement, colour, shading and shape to produce some mind-boggling pieces of art! We have also started looking at our local history study, focusing on the Victorian era as well as a new guided reading book called 'Armistice Runner'.

Oaks class (year 4) have also had a wonderful first week back. They have settled in beautifully and they have worked their socks off! Their new guided reading book is 'Skull Rock Mystery' and they have been exploring emotions through colour and body language.

We all had a wonderful time with the M.A.D team building. Everyone (including the teachers!) got very wet but it was lovely to see everyone working and supporting each other!

Year 5/6 residential...what a blast!

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This week, Lynton and Parracombe year 5/6 children took part in a 2 night residential. Their first day consisted of rock climbing, bouldering, abseiling, archery and low ropes. Day two took part at the Wake Park near Bideford. This was such a fantastic experience for the children where they had fun on the aquapark, took off on the ringos and had a go at knee boarding (even Miss Constant had a go!). Our final day was spent at Croyde beach where the children played rounders, completed a challenging orienteering route and a Minecraft-themed sandcastle building competition. The children had a wonderful time and many memories were made

Great first week back at Parracombe

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Parracombe have had a wonderful first week back. The children have come back enthused and excited for the busy term ahead.

Year 4 have started working on their maypole skills with thanks to Mr Kirby.

Year 5/6 tested the tents that will be used for the residential which was a great team-building activity. The children are very excited for the trip and can't wait to get stuck in.

All of the children completed 'Race for Life'. They ran for an hour and everyone tried really hard! Children were running between 2-9KM!

Well done to Layla, Harry and Joe for your celebration certificates this week - great work!

Busy at Parracombe

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Oaks class have been busy this week designing the new mural for the school as well as producing some fantastic writing! The children have loved merging geography and English together! They researched the adventures of Amy Johnson, plotted her route to Australia and thought about the challenges and difficulties that she faced. They tried to put ourselves in her shoes and wrote diary entries.

 Forests class have worked hard on their scientific enquiry skills, investigating the different properties of materials. They designed their own investigation, debugging along the way to produce some accurate results. The class wrote some fabulously balanced arguments titled 'Should parents be allowed to take their children on adventurous holidays during school time?'. We also wrote some SOS messages in a bottle as Michael in our story of Kensuke's Kingdom has just been washed ashore on a desolate island!

The children also took part in a sporting event hosted by Ilfracombe Academy. They enjoyed the circuit training and we even saw the sun for a minute or two!