In January 2007, Lynton CE (VA) Primary School, Parracombe CE (VC) Primary School and Kentisbury Primary School formally federated to create the  the West Exmoor Federation.  As part of a federation we are able to offer ‘the best of both worlds’ to our children. Individually, each school is able to offer all the advantages of a small school, namely that of being a supportive and caring ‘family unit’ that allows the specific needs of all children to be fully met.  Together, we can enjoy many of the benefits bestowed upon larger schools, such as specialist teachers, extensive enrichment programmes and broader friendship groups which is especially important for our older children as they move on to secondary school.



Our Vision for ‘Educating with love, for life in all its fullness’ is driven by our strong moral purpose and embodied within our CARIS values of:

Curiosity      Achievement      Respect      Inspiration      Support

Love is at the heart of all we do.  A love of learning; love for ourselves and those around us; a love of our environment; and a love of our Christian distinctiveness.

Our federation values have been chosen by our children who have decided that curiosity, achievement, respect, inspiration and support (CARIS) are those values by which we should live our daily lives. CARIS, meaning love, is at the heart of all that we do and is directly linked to the following scripture:


CARIS - Corinthians 13:7 
Curiosity – Ephinany (Matthew 2:2)
Achievement – Seed Parables (Matthew 13:8)
Respect – Jesus washes the disciples feet (John 13:15) 
Inspiration – Letting your light shine  (Matthew 5:16) 
Support – Good Samaritan  (Luke 10:27)


Across our federation, our vision and values are central to our Christian ethos and all teaching and learning. Our federation's vision gives high priority to the spiritual and moral development of all in its care. We encourage our children to develop their Christian character through our CARIS values, enabling them to become their very best selves and enjoy life in all its fullness.  These values underpin our understanding and promotion of the British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. We are exceptionally proud of the young people that our children become as they progress through our federation: confident, self-motivated and compassionate with a moral purpose grounded in respect and integrity.  As courageous advocates for all around them, they demonstrate a genuine belief in their power to become the change that they wish to see.

Our Vision and Values are reinforced through a shared daily act of worship which is led by staff, children or visitors to the federation. Our federation encourages ‘Faith Talk’ and works in partnership with our families and communities.  As a federation incorporating a Church of England (VA) and (VC) School, we have strong links with The Diocese of Exeter; St Mary’s Church, Lynton; Christ Church, Parracombe; St Thomas’, Kentisbury and The Lee Abbey Christian Community, Lynton.  ‚Äč