Posted: Nov 14, 2021 by: Claire Strachan (claire.strachan) on: Celebrating Learning

What an incredibly busy week we have had! It has been lovely to welcome the children back after the Half Term break, they have hit the ground running.

Forests Class have had a fabulous first week back. The children have worked very hard and a lot has been achieved. They have finished their suspense narrative, focusing on foreshadowing and impact! We also spent sometime looking at Yoshi Kusama, a Japanese a fact artist. The children created artist exploration pieces that highlight Yoshi’s techniques.

Oaks Class were joined by the Year 3 children to take part in some exciting scientific investigations - do you know what the inside of an extension cable looks like? We do now! It has been fantastic to see the children learning together and asking some amazing questions :) We're off to discover how hydroelectric energy is created tomorrow...

The Remembrance Service at Woody Bay train station was a wonderfully poignant way to take some time and show our respect, how lucky we are to have this to be a part of.

We are looking forward to the coming weeks, lots of exciting learning on it's way!

Ms Strachan and Miss Constant