All three of our schools, together with our Governing Body run pre-school, were inspected by Ofsted during the Spring and Summer Terms of 2023.    We are delighted to report that all four inspections found our school to be good.  We are incredibly proud of what we offer our children across the federation and are thrilled that this has been recognised by Ofsted. 

 'Staff build positive relationships with pupils and know them well. This creates a happy and nurturing environment for pupils to thrive in.'

'The school provides a nurturing environment in which pupils feel happy and safe.'

'Pupils are friendly, polite and helpful towards each other.'

'Pupils are enthusiastic readers, are attentive and aspire to do well.'

'Leaders and staff are determined for all pupils to succeed, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).'

'The provision for pupils’ personal development is a strength.'

'Pupils feel safe in school. They trust staff to help them with any worries.'

'Leaders are tenacious about keeping pupils safe, both physically and emotionally.'

'Pupils are well prepared for life in modern Britain as responsible, respectful and active citizens.'

'Parents are overwhelmingly positive about the quality of education that the school provides. They value the pastoral support provided by

Kentisbury Inspection Report - March 2023

Lynton Inspection Report - May 2023

Parracombe Inspection Report - March 2023

Little Berries Inspection Report - March 2023

Lynton and Parracombe Primary Schools were also inspected under the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS).  These inspections focused on how our Christian vision enables the whole school community to flourish. Again, we are delighted to report that both inspections were extremely positive and testament to all that we hold dear as a federation - the need to nurture our children to ensure that they have the very best possible start to their school career.

'The vision is at the heart of this community, permeating and shaping daily life. It creates a caring inclusive feeling, leading to all treating one another with a high degree of dignity and respect.'

'Pupils articulate that the vision helps them to ‘live better’ or to become ‘the best person they can be’. It nurtures pupils’ high aspirations
and raises self-belief in what each can achieve.'

'A culture of high expectations raises pupils’ aspirations, growing their self-belief.'

'Leaders are ambitious to create inspiring experiences, ensuring the curriculum is balanced, diverse and progressively deepens pupils’ understanding.'

'A wide range of opportunities enable pupils to grow their talents and develop a love of learning.'

'One of the strengths of the school is the trusting and supportive relationships built between everyone. They draw on Jesus’ example of how all can live together well. All treat one another with a high degree of dignity and respect, pupils feel safe and important. They not only know the vision, they live it out.'

Lynton SIAMS Inspection Report - November 2023

Parracombe SIAMS Inspection Report - January 2024