All three schools within the federation were inspected by Ofsted during the Autumn Term 2016 and we are delighted to report that all were found to be good schools.  We are incredibly proud of what we offer our children across the federation and are thrilled that this has been recognised by Ofsted. 

'behaviour is outstanding'  

‘a caring and nurturing place to learn’

'attainment is above national averages’

'exciting learning opportunities are carefully planned and provide rich learning experiences’

‘the school community cares for everyone’ 

‘good teaching’ ensures that our children are ‘engaged’ and ‘achieving well’

‘teachers and other adults ask probing questions to challenge pupils to explain their thinking and reasoning’  

children ‘enjoy reading and are highly motivated because teachers promote a positive culture of reading' 

the curriculum ‘promotes excitement and stimulates pupils’ interests’

‘interesting lessons capture pupils’ interest and motivate them to work hard and achieve well’ 

children are ‘well supported by adults to be resilient and determined’

‘staff are attuned to the needs of each child and focus keenly on what each must learn to make good progress across the curriculum’

through ‘absorbing learning activities’ staff used their ‘deep knowledge of childhood development to skilfully build children’s ability to interact and cooperate’


Kentisbury Inspection Report - November 2016

Lynton Inspection Report - October 2016

Parracombe Inspection Report - November 2016