Please find below the policies currently adopted by the West Exmoor Federation.


  Acceptable Behaviour for Staff, Governors & Volunteers Policy - Front Page only

  Accessibility Plan

  Anti-Bullying Policy - September 2021- 2024

  Devon County School Admissions Information

  Lynton Admissions Policy 2023

  Parracombe Admissions Policy 2023

  Kentisbury Admissions Policy 2023

  Lynton Admissions Policy 2024

  Parracombe Admissions Policy 2024

  Kentisbury Admissions Policy 2024

  Adjustment to Staffing Structures Guidance 2023-2026

  Appraisal Policy for Teachers and Headteachers - Front Page only

  Asbestos Management Policy

  Assessment, Recording and Reporting Policy

  Attendance Policy - January 2023-2026

  Capability Policy-Front page only

  Charging & Remission Policy - July 2020-2023

Children in Care Policy - September 2021-2024

  Collective Worship Policy - March 2022-2025

  Community Cohesion Policy 

  Complaints Procedure

  Confidentiality Policy 2023-2026

  COVID19 Testing Privacy Statement

  Curriculum Policy - September 2021-2024

  Data Protection Policy

  Data Subject Rights Procedure

  Data Processor Agreement

Disclosure and Barring Policy 2023-2026

  Disciplinary Policy and Procedure- Front Page only

  Corporate equality in employment policy

  Email Policy  

  Equality Policy

  Equality Objectives

  Ethos and Values Statement - March 2021-2024


  Feedback and Marking Policy

  Finance Policy December 2022-2023

  Fire Safety Policy 

  First Aid Policy

  Flexible Working Policy

  Flexible Retirement Policy

  Forest Schools Policy 2022-2025

 Food Policy 2023-2026

  General Curriculum Policy

Gifted & Talented Policy 2023-2026

  Governors Expenses Policy

  Grievance Policy Front Page 

  Health, Safety & Wellbeing DCC 2021

  Home Learning Policy 2023-2026

  Inclusion of Pupils with SEN and Disability

  Information and Communications Technology Policy

  Information Assurance Policy - (GDPR)

  Intimate Care Policy 

  Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Policy 2022-2025

  Learning and Teaching Policy 

  Lettings Policy 

  Lone Working Policy

  Managing sickness and absence policy and procedures - Front Page only 2023

  Managing Unreasonable Behaviour   

  Maternity & Adoption Support Policy 

   Maternity policy front page only

  Medical Conditions & Administration of Medicines Policy


  Nut Policy 2023-2026

  Online Safety Policy

  Outdoor Education, Visits & Offsite Activities Policy 2023-2026

  Parental Guidance re- use of Social Media 2022-2025

  Parental Leave Policy-front page only

  Passive Intervention and Prevention Strategy Policy

  Pay Policy-Front page only

  Physical Education Policy - November 2019

Personal, Social, Health, Relationships & Economic Education Policy 

  Privacy Impact Assessment Procedure -(GDPR)

  Privacy Notice for Pupils

  Privacy Notice for Parents

  Privacy Notice for Staff

  Privacy Notice for Governors

  Privacy Notice for Looked After Children

  Privacy Notice for Home Working

Probation policy for support staff 2023-2026

  Providing Remote Education - Information for Parents and Carers - January 2021

  Publication Scheme Policy (Freedom of Information)

  RE Policy

  Recruitment and Selection Policy- Front page only

  Recruitment Standards Policy

  Redundancy Policy  

  Relational Learning Policy

  Road Safety Policy 2023-2026

  Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Procedures

  School Security Policy

  Security Incident Management Policy (GDPR)

  Shared Parental Leave Policy

  Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural development (SMSC) Policy 2022-2025

  Staff Leave and Absence Policy 2023-2026

  Staff Code of Ethical conduct-VA & Foundation schools -front page only

 Staff code of Ethical conduct - Front page only 

  Support Staff Appraisal Scheme 2023-2026

  Target Setting Policy 2022-2025

  Technical Security and Password Policy

  Tree Safety Management Policy

  Using & Participating in Social Media policy

  Visiting Governors Policy

  Voluntary Helpers Policy 2022-2025

  Whistle Blowing Policy